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Advance the hands of time

People have advanced the needle of time by taking risks.

They have accumulated wisdom from their many challenges and passed it on to their descendants to weave the present.

The future does not hold events that can only be described in terms of beautiful stories.

Nevertheless, we call those who advance the needle of time by themselves as RiskTakers.


Increase the number of people who take Risk to accelerate innovative change in the world

At RiskTaker, we believe that "people who have taken risks and challenged themselves" have changed the world.

By increasing the number of people who take risks through various activities, we believe that we can accelerate the change of the world, and through this acceleration will contribute to the realization of a better world more quickly.


To create RiskTaker Pay Forward Network on a global scale

We will create a huge network where successful ones share the risk with the next generation of RiskTakers through investment and support, and from them create new successful individuals.

The new successors then share the risk with the next generation of RiskTakers as repetitive cycle.
Company name RiskTaker Inc.
RiskTaker Ventures Inc.
Established May 2021
Business Startup Accelaration
Address Ginza Six 13F, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Tel +8150-3172-5257
CEO Tomohiro Tomiyama
Global Branch RiskTaker US Inc.
Law firm Nakamura,Tsunoda & Matsumoto Law Offices
Corporate Lawyer Nakamura,Tsunoda & Matsumoto Law Offices Mr.Hinata Oshima
Labor and Social Security Attorney Engine Labor and Social Security Attorney Co, Mr.Atsushi Nagashima
Company Tax Accountants Reson Partners Tax accountant Co. Mr.Yusuke Yamada
Corporate Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd./RAKUTEN BANK, LTD.