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  • RiskTaker Finance Director

    Daiki Shirakawa

    Has been running a Fintech business in the Philippines for 6 years. Started from a joint venture business with RiskTaker which evolves to establishing a new company as Director.
  • Brand Director

    Hidekazu Sakaguchi

    Has been in charge of brand design since the launch of RiskTaker. Also provides design support to portfolio companies.
  • Legal Affairs

    Hinata Oshima

    Lawyer at (Nakamura, Tsunoda & Matsumoto)Handles all aspects of corporate legal affairs, including fundraising for start-ups and legal compliance inspections for new businesses.
  • Public Relations

    Kazuki Shimada

    Droped out of Univesity to start his own business. In charge of public relations and PR activities for Risktaker and mainly engaged in communication and strategy planning.
  • Public Relations

    Kengo Shoda

    After becoming independent from a consulting company for overseas expansion, he was engaged in public relations and PR activities for RiskTaker and heavily involved in activities to deepen relationships with the society.
  • Heimat Inc. CEO

    Ryunosuke Hidaka

    CEO of Heimat Inc. Representative of Share House Entrepreneurship Development Program for U25.
  • Owned Media Director

    Taisei Sakamoto

    After graduating, he took a risk and became a sole proprietor and ran a company. He is currently developing media management as his main business.
  • Youtube Channel Director

    Tomoaki Muta

    After graduating from Waseda University, he went freelance. Has been involved in video and video SNS production. Also involved in organization and human resource development.
  • Creative Director

    Yojiro Toyama

    In charge of brand design support for RiskTaker and its investees.Worked as an art director at an advertising production company for 15 years before moving to the IT industry.